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Fuel Your Body With The Correct Nutrition

Team Shady can assure you that all the gym time in the world won't yield results without the right nutrition. Start building lean muscle by fueling your body with the correct nutrition. With Team Shady's Performance System, you can power your performance, enhance quick recovery, and achieve your fitness goals. Even amateur and professional athletes use Isagenix!

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Kelly Dee: "My entire family and I take these products as if our lives depend on it."

Before Isagenix, I ate clean and worked out hard but I was a busy mom of three kids and still lacked energy and didn’t sleep well. I was introduced to Isagenix almost two years ago. My physical transformation was extremely noteworthy but more importantly I experienced an amazing mental transformation. Shortly after, I became pregnant with my fourth child and grew a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I was coached to join the 16 week Isa Body Challenge which earns participants a $200 coupon toward products upon completion. To date, I’m currently on my 5th Isa Body Challenge. This money has helped me pay for my own products and build my business. I have not missed one day of consuming the products in the nearly two years since being introduced to this amazing nutrition. My entire family and I take these products as if our lives depend on it.
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